Re: Recomend a hsf for my A7n8x

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Hi can anybody recomend a new heat sink and fan for my A7n8x deluxe running
athlon 3000. I ran the asus probe software and the cpu is running 65oc and
over 73 under load. the die temp measured in motherboard monitor is well
over the 85oc that AMD recomend. I want one I can clip on rather then
removing it all from the computer.
I was looking at the NorthQ 3310BL UFO, 80mm Fan, 17-25dB but im not sure if
it will fit above the capacitors near the socket plus the heatsink for the
northbridge is quite close as well. at the moment im running the stock AMD
unit that came with it.

Maybe another square (block) heatsink would do but a bit taller ?
Thanks for your help

The NorthQ is a knockoff of the Zalman products. The AlCu is
what I use on my A7N8X-E Deluxe (about 44C under load and full fan,
with a mobile AthlonXP-M at 2200MHz): (CNPS7000B-AlCu) (CNPS7000B-Cu)

The NorthQ uses plastic arms for the retention bracket:

The Zalman uses metal arms:

The Zalman compatibility page notes that on the A7N8X family,
the product fits, but the fins stick up above the top edge
of the motherboard. If you use a compact computer case, where
the power supply bottom edge almost touches the top edge of the
motherboard, then the Zalman won't fit. A clearance of 9mm between
the power supply metal bottom and the top edge of the motherboard,
is _usually_ enough.

The Zalman installer movie is here. For S478 (Pentium) boards, you
don't have to pull the motherboard. For S462, the two aluminum
arms are screw mounted to the motherboard, and you have to pull
the board to install them. The motherboard is put under tension,
for about the last two rotations of the top bracket screws, and
you can control the tension by not tightening the screws up all
the way.

I think in the case of the NorthQ product, the two plastic arms
in the upper left of this photo, bolt to the motherboard for
S462, so the motherboard has to be pulled. But without an install
movie or downloadable instructions, I cannot be sure of that.

As a general rule, if you want a better cooler, it has to be
bigger than a square the size of the socket footprint. Or
maybe a lot taller and equipped with heat pipes, but the
weight of tall assemblies is not good for the motherboard.
(Tall assemblies are sideways when the computer case is upright.)

The Zalman was the best, at the time I got it, but it came out
a couple years ago, and many other heatsinks have been invented
since then.