Re: P5P800 SE and Pentium D 940 CPU?

According to ASUS, the P5P800 SE will support up to a Pentium D 960 with
BIOS revision 0704.

Go here:

and in the "Search CPU Using" dropdown box, select "Motherboard." Find your
"Type" and "Name" and it'll spit out a compatibility grid.

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"Ken" <krlorenz@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
One more time - different alternative! I currently have a P5P800 with an
"old" Pentium 540J (3.2) processor. I want to keep my AGP video card and
the 2 Gig of DDR 400 memory etc. while upgrading to a dual core processor.
Does the P5P800 SE MB support the Pentium D 940 processor? The processor
cost looks reasonable but... has Intel reduced the price recently based on
the release of the Core 2 Duo line of processors? Does the 900 series
really run any cooler than the old 500 series that I use to heat the


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