Re: N6800 vid not able to use full 3 GB MEM on A7V333 but works for 2.5GB or lower

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Thanks Paul :-)

Unfortunately, that didn't get the 3 gigs to work I tried every
arrangement of pins. On JP1 and JP2 I thought that would fix it. But
it didn't thanks. That first part of the first link was very
informative thanks.

Good news is I figured out with just the 2 in slots 1 and 3 I can get
150+ more megabytes per second in memtest86. It doesn't work with my
old 512 pc3200 stick. But the 512 stick does by it self. I ordered
another new 512mb stick of same series to go in middle and hopefully
get 2.5gigs turbo instead of optimal (default slower). I convinced
newegg to give me no restocking fee before I bought if it doesn't work.
Hoping it does 2.5 gigs isn't bad I'm thinking of vista and games.

I'm also bought an AMD 2600+ (highest supported) and was able to
overclock the multiplier by 1 but got an error in prime95. So I
clocked it down to only .5 over and about +3 the front side bus. Seems
to be stable. The memory really seems to have speeded things up on
turbo. Is it normal for an AMD chip to be able to be overclocked
without modification? I bought a kit to connect the bridges to
overclock think I would get better performance with that? Or if I'm
able to move multiplier up am I already unlocked? Should I try a XP
AMD 3000+ FSB 333 and clock down the FSB for more performance? It's
only I think a 1.01 board but heard on ASUS discussions that it works
to about 150 FSB.

I'm going to try putting my old computer with pc power and cooling
power supply and hook it up to main board without taking out of case
but is only 275 watt. Hopefully that makes it work. I read on their
website a new manual insert that pc2100 and pc2400 or 2500 can't
remember which it is at moment work up to 3 gigs. But pc2700 only
works with 2 gigs BUT, I did get the 3 gigs pc3200 to work with old
video card :-/. I also tried turning down the FSB and latency all the
way down wouldn't post with all 3 1GB sticks and changing voltage. I
might try removing all jumpers on JP1+2 and see if that works or is the
default jumpers same as no jumpers? I'm running out of ideas.

Got anymore ideas Paul or anyone else? Thanks again for the help Paul.

Best Regards,

Well, here is a funny one for you:

They suggest reducing the RAM voltage below the default setting.
(That might reduce electrical switching noise a tiny bit, and
since the RAM is not running at DDR400, it doesn't need a lot
of voltage to meet timing. Reducing voltage is not a trick that
gets used too often :-) )

You could also try not using Turbo, and setting CAS to 2.5 .

I see a setting "SDRAM 1T Command Control" [Disabled] and in
the Disabled state, that is supposed to use Command Rate 2T.
The 2T option is a way to relax the timing on the address
bus, when driving a heavy load. But the board is probably
already using the Disabled value (unless maybe Turbo sets
it back to the more aggressive 1T setting).

As for the AGP slot itself, I'm not sure I see much in the way
of viable options for tuning it. The manual mentions AGP 1x and
4x as options, and there is no 2x option. I mean, if the video
card makes a difference, then tuning the AGP slot might compensate
for the problem a bit, but 1x is not really good enough for