Re: Asus A8N-VM CSM MAINBOARD and large ide

Are you trying to format as FAT32?

Is the capacity Limit Jumper (CLJ) on the drive in place?

"someone" <someone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
In this PC, I already got 4 SATA drives. Now I ma running out of space,
so I brought an Seagate 300GB IDE connect to 2n IDE controller ( already
have optical drives DVD and DVD on 1st one) with cable select. nothing
else is on the 2nd controller.

Booting into XP Pro (with latest updates), login with an admin. acct, try
to set up the disk, I discover I either use basic disk and limit myself to
a max partition size of 28GB or have to use dynamic volume.

Is there another way that I format the entire drive as one big volume. the
SATA drives are using Media shield drivers. I thought IDE can part of the
Raid also but apparently not, it did not show anything about IDE

What can I do?


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