Re: Isn't Command Rate a "memory setting?"

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CAS3-1T it is, then, because I'm guessing that 7% is perceptible under
real-world conditions but that the difference between CAS-2.5 and
CAS-3 is IMperceptible.

Command rate is somewhat less important to AMD cpus than Intel ones because
of their different architectures, and CAS latencies somewhat more so, so you
might want to do some extensive testing of different memory timings to
determine whice works best for you. IOW, you could well be better off with
CAS 2 and 2T than CAS 3 and 1T.


traditional boot order of floppy-CD-HD) in BIOS. I'm really thinking
that the most likely explanation for everything is that I got a
marginal motherboard.

Sounds like it, so why persist with it?


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