Re: Raid Problem after Bios update

I did red the updated bios does not boot with Raid 1.
May I assume that
you setup and verified the raid 1 setup like before in cmos with the
bios update
by Raid 1 you mean mirroring?
Furthermore, did the prior setup require you use same special storage device
If so, you may want to check if the new update of the bios also imply new
device driver. Good luck, hope it does not otherwise you will have to get
the OS CD and repair or worse, in-place install!

Hope you have backup in either case
"pjw" <pjw@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Just updated to Bios 0109 from 0106 on P5LD2 SE, was previously running
RAID1 but can't now boot with RAID1 set up in cmos.Boots fine when set
to standard ide but get error message saying windows failed to start,
software error "load needed dlls for kernal when set to RAID in cmos"
Appreciate any help.