Re: failed cpu test on p4c800e deluxe

is this a problem with all companies using the south bridge chip or just
asus boards thanks.
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I think I send my answer to you not the group.I was loading pictures from
digital cam thru front usb and system locked up.only recourse was to hit
reset and then lights would blink on cd roms ,then get the cpu failed
message.can not enter bios just hold power to shut down.though i read
that it was due to usb short and killed the south bridge chip.

The symptoms of the USB failure can go two ways. You may see
a burned chip, if you look at the motherboard. This burn mark
is right above where the Southbridge gets power for the USB
ports, and is a sign the bonding wires/lead frame have burned
right through the chip.

Now, if the failure didn't burn the top of the chip, some people
find that their USB ports are dead, but the rest of the computer
still works. While this is convenient, the cure is still the same.

The Southbridge needs to be unsoldered by Asus and replaced as
part of the three year warranty. When you phone them up and
talk to them, you should not have a problem getting an RMA
number. Repair time is about three weeks.

This is the only public explanation of what has happened.
I don't believe the advice here is thorough enough, but
at least it is a public admission that there is a
design problem of some sort. I'm hoping Asus will replace
the Southbridge, even after the three year warranty is up.


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got the usb crapout .what can i do besides an returning for
seem to find any post on the subject any more.thanks

Are you saying your Southbridge is damaged ? That requires replacing
the Southbridge under warranty. Why do you mention reflashing ?

Perhaps if you explained your symptoms in more detail, or what
damage you are looking at, that will suggest where to look for
an answer.