Re: Problem: Wake on ring

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Hello T.O:

I had a board at one time that had to have
a connection from the modem to
the board itself. There was a connection on
the board for the wake function.
See if you need that.

I just read the manual. There is no
description of a connection between the modem
and the board.

Any idea more?


For wake on ring to work, there should be a pin on
the RS-232 cable called "RI", and it has to change
state when the phone rings. The Super I/O chip has
two pins on it, supporting up to two serial port channels,
and that is where the Ring Indicator signals go in
order to wake the computer.

If the modem has a LED labelled "RI", that would give
you some kind of idea that the modem is sending the RI
signal. Otherwise, you would need a voltmeter to probe
the signal, and see that Ring Indication is being sent
properly to the computer when the phone rings.

Note that, on some motherboard, you have to upgrade to
a later BIOS, as the initial release of BIOS did not
have a working "Wake on Ring" function. In your case
though, I would want to verify the modem is actually
sending the signal, before I would waste time flashing
the BIOS.