Re: Need USB 2.0 drivers for Compaq system

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> I've got a Compaq SR1463CL computer with an ASUS K8S-LA (OEM board for
> Compaq) motherboard (SIS 760/964 chipset). Where can I find the USB 2.0
> drivers? I do not have any Compaq disks. I've looked on the Compaq, SIS,
> and Asus websites, but I didn't find the USB 2.0 drivers. It's entirely
> possible that I'm just missing it. Can someone help me out?
> thank you,
> jm

"Q: Where can I get the USB2.0 driver?

A: Microsoft authorized SiS of using the USB2.0 driver in a
CD format only, rather than being download from website. So ,
we don't provide it on the website for download. If you need
it , please visit Microsoft website ( )
for more information."

You need the right Service Pack to get USB2 drivers, but don't
expect the information to be easy to find on the Microsoft
site (I never seem to find anything I need on there, information