Re: Asus A8N-SLI & Athlon X2 Dual Core

On Wed, 11 Jan 2006 17:38:20 GMT, "Graham Prout"
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>But how do you activate the 2nd core in windows?
Automagically, assuming winXP or 2000, of course. WinMe and below need
not apply. Windows XP Pro supports multiple processors inc.dual-core
and I believe Win XP Home supports dual-core.. dunno whether the
support was added as Windows Update patch or not.... To verify
dual-core support check in Device Manager. You should see both cores
as two identical instances in Device Manager under "Processors". If
you installed WinXP originally with a single-core processor, it should
go through the usual hardware auto-recognition sequence first reboot
after a dual-core upgrade.

John Lewis

>"SDR" <NOSPAMdfriedl@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> Thanks for the info. It made since that it was each core but could not
>> find any thing to confirm it.
>> Doug