Re: ASUS Cool and Quiet Verion?

Thanks for the article! I now have this feature working! After building a
new system with windows XP and installing the CnQ driver that came with the
new A8N32SLI mb, this feature did not work. Of course I did not know about
the issue of setting the power options to Minimal Power Management since it
was not in the manual. ASUS really should have a more detailed manual!

One last thing! I did have to uninstall the CnQ application and then
install the latest driver V1.2.2.2 from the web, then reinstall the CnQ
application that came with the mb cd to get this to work. My CPU temp
droped from 43 degrees C to 37 in idle.

Thanks again to all of you for your help

"EdG" <spammerz@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> On Windows XP, When you set Power Options to Minimal Power Management
> AMD's CnQ is then Enabled, any other power selected and it's turned off.
> On Sat, 7 Jan 2006 09:52:21 -0800, "Randy" <raricks2@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>>OK, I must be really missing something because I don't see anywhere in the
>>manual (lastest download) about setting the windows power correctly. All
>>says is to enable it in the bios.
>>"Mark A" <nobody@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>> "Randy" <raricks2@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>> news:iaSdnV6PbspVbSLeRVn-rw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>> Just wanted to verify that the version of CnQ that I have is 1.022.
>>>> This
>>>> was installed from the ASUS disc that came with the A8n32SLI mb. When
>>>> I
>>>> ran it, it did not seen to do anything and yes before you ask, it is
>>>> enabled in the bios 1009.
>>>> I noticed on ASUS web site the latest CnQ version is 1.222 so I
>>>> downloaded it and installed it over the existing version. It first
>>>> said
>>>> it had to uninstall that, but the menu item still states it is version
>>>> 1.022. Am I missing something here or is the latest version just a
>>>> typo.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Randy
>>> Are you talking about the CnQ GUI monitor that tells you the CPU speed?
>>> That is irrelevant and it does not matter which version you have.
>>> In order to enable CnQ, you must configure Windows Power correctly (in
>>> addition to setting it up in the bios). It is documented in your Asus
>>> user
>>> manual. You can download the manual if you don't have the paper version.