Re: A8N-E and SATA2 HDD speedup

On Thu, 15 Sep 2005 22:24:58 +1200, Gordy <grg7nz@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>The Hitachi feature tool can be used with other brands of
>>disks, if you want to take chances. For a person with a
>>SATA 150 only motherboard, say "bye-bye" to the disk if
>>you try it. Shifting to SATA 300 is _only_ for those who
>>own a SATA 300 motherboard. To restore a disk accidently
>>set to SATA 300 with the Hitachi feature tool, you will
>>need to find a SATA 300 motherboard to restore communication
>>and fix the disk.
>>I just want to mention this, so there isn't a rash of
>>"my disk is busted" postings...
>> Paul
>Thanks for reinforcing the TROUBLE that can be had and CARE needed in
>deciding to change a SATA drive config to SATA2 when you only have a
>SATA1 mother board..
>The Hitachi Feature Tool clearly states that yout HDD could be lost if
>you do not have a motherboard that supports SATA2.
>So experimenters... be careful.
>So it looks like all the benefits of SATA2 are a long way off.
>Small data cable is about the only plus at this time.
If i recall the a8n-e is a s-ata 2 (3gb/s) capable.
Your Hitachi drive might not be compatible with the board. Personaly i
will get that mobo combined to a western digital sata2 120gi 8bm of
buffer. and i will get the se or re version that is used for 24hrs (se
only) service server. The (re) stand for raid edition or something...

Ps: my eide uata 133 maxtor diamond max plus 9 8mb buffer goes to
45-50mb/s on hdtach latest vr. sata=eiede imo. but i will give it a
try. I might go for a 10k rpm just to make sure i get something fast.