Re: A8N-SLI Premium : problems

On 8 Sep 2005 11:08:33 -0700, "goj993" <goj993@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Hi. I hope someone can point me in the right direction here...
>I've just bought a bunch of components to build a new PC, including
>A8NSLI Premium mainboard, Athlon64 X2 3800+ CPU and Gigabyte 6600GT
>PCI-E gfx card.
>Can't get it to work though. The board gets power, but I get nothing
>from the graphics card and no warning beeps or messages from the post

Are <<ALL>> power-sockets on the board correctly connected to the
power-supply ? Check the motherboard manual very carefully. Does your
power-supply properly support this board in terms of provided
connectors ? 12V @ 15amps will be insufficient anyway for a full
system including CPU+graphics card + HDisks + DVD/CD rom
drives.......... obviously a very old power-supply design.

John Lewis

>If I remove the memory, I do get a "System failed memory test" message
>from the post reporter. However, with the memory in place, removing the
>graphics card or the keyboard doesn't give any warning messages.
>Replacing the gfx card with an old PCI card has no effect either, nor
>does using a different monitor.
>I tried removing the mainboard from the case and standing it on a
>cardboard box, which made no difference, so it doesn't seem to be a
>grounding problem.
>The PSU should I hope be powerful enough (450W, 12v@15A), particularly
>as there are no HD, DVD, USB devices etc attached at this stage.
>I have noticed from Asus' support site that my CPU isn't listed as
>supported, although other X2 CPU's are. Shame on me for believing the
>"supports AMD64 X2 CPU's" message on the website from which I purchased
>the board...
>Is there anyone out there who could suggest how to narrow down where
>the problem lies, before I start sending things back? Unfortunately I
>don't know of anyone with either a socket 939 or PCI-E board to test my
>CPU/gfx card in their mobo or vice versa.