Re: P4P800-E Deluxe - Apacer 2x512MB PC-3200 CL2.5 (or not really CL 2.5!) - a word of warning + memtest86 freezing on Memory Size Probe.

On Sun, 21 Aug 2005 22:05:09 GMT, nospam@xxxxxxxxxx (Paul) wrote:
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>Is that the "USB Legacy Support" [Enabled] bug ? If that setting
>is enabled, I think it causes problems for earlier versions of
>memtest. Try disabling it.
This was exactly it! But I need USB Legacy Support to operate
memtes86+... I've had to get my old trusty ps/2 keyboard to do that.

>In any case, there are plenty of shiny new versions of software
>on memtest86+ is currently at version 1.6 (and
>was based on the 3.2 code you are using, plus some bug fixes).
I've got memtest86+ v3.2 - it worked great ~8 hours running tests -
not a single problem. BTW: I've found out that PAT is enabled. It's
not suppossed to work for 865 chipset... ASUS vs. Intel... ASUS won
they made it again with help of a little "cheat" circuit.

>Increase Vdimm to at least 2.6V, and preferably, give the RAM
>a touch more, like 2.7V. That may help a bit.
Don't seem to find these settings in BIOS - I haven't seen a jumper to
adjust Vdimm... I'm not too keen on modifying motherboard either -
it's still under warranty.

>You are not finished testing, until you've tried the Prime95 "Torture
>Test" (
8 hours straight - no problem.

> and tried some 3D games for a few hours. If
>you don't own any games,
6 hours straight of FarCry and CounterStrike: Source - demo loop and
me playing - no problem.

>download 3DMark2001SE and run the demo loop
>overnight - see if it is still running the next day.
>And in the RAM business, nothing should surprise you. If the chips
>have real manufacturer part numbers printed on them, you can look
>them up, and see if the actual chips are rated for use on that
>DIMM or not. If the chips have nothing printed on them, or some
>bogus manufacturers name (the "happy ram" company), we call that
>generic roulette.
Apacer chips and Apacer modules. I really should've purchased OCZ
2x512MB PC-3200 CL 2.5 kit - it's on sale now ;o(

> Paul
Thanks Paul for all the advice - now I have more confidence in my new

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