Re: Barton Vs Sempron

DB wrote:

> Thanks Dan.......
> It looks like a Barton 3000 coming my way,

Really a fast beast. That extended second level cache makes it
interesting for NT based systems.
256K cache is more for the virtually 32bit PC "IBM and other comapnies"
Sure, the first level Cache in the Athon series is impressing!!

It would interest me which latency the 2nd level cache of the Barton is.
Programs like CPU-Z can read that out.

> Practica eh, my first camera and it took some great photos.....the
> word digital wasnt invented then...............

You must be joking. It was about some Hz. Pipelining and more. Open
Sure, not in mathematic but physically as well as today.

I mean the output stays the same...

Not to mention the quality of big format cams with many inches of
negative film.
Open Close stays digital, but the Stream......
Never possible with digital. They would have to be infinitely fast, and
I mean really infinitely. Than it would maybe possible to reach analog

> Cheers
> Dave :)

I wish you great fun and kind work with your expected Barton Core AMD
Athlon XP Processor.

Best Regards,

Daniel Mandic

P.S.: dont forget to cool the beast.