Re: P4PE and 3.06HT Problems

I have a P4PE motherboard running the P4 3.06 GHz CPU and I have it
correctly identified and it works correctly. But I am using the original
BIOS that came with it. You may want to try reverting to an earlier BIOS


"NRS" <nrsjunkmail@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I just installed a 3.06GHz P4 with HT. I am running P4PE Rev. 1.03 with
> the latest 1007 BIOS. On post the screen shows 2 1.60GHz CPUs (not 2
> 3.06 GHz CPUs like I expected). There is a Power Hardware alert that
> indicates VCore is low at 1.26V. The system boots into WinXP and is
> totally stable but Windows indicates that the chip is a 3.06GHz Pentium
> 4 running at 1.60GHz.
> Needless to say this is NOT OK. I checked the Intel Frequency ID
> Utility (dowloaded from Intel) and it too indicates a 3.06GHz Pentium 4
> running at 1.60 GHz. I have an Antec 400W Power supply. I tried
> disconnecting all drives except the BOOT drive and a graphics card with
> this CPU. Same problem occurs. I am stumped. Is my power supply to
> blame? I doubt its the chip. Is it the P4PE Voltage Regulator?
> I have a "spare" P4PE-X and hooked it up with that exact same
> results (that is a 1.03 Revisision board running 1007 Award BIOS as
> well). I researched the ASUS site and it says that my board is fully
> capable of running the Intel 3.06Ghz P4 with HT.
> I have tried the following:
> Thanks in Advance.


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