Re: Next game box

johns <johns321> wrote:

My last system is working perfectly. It's a few
years old, but really fast and quiet. Runs cool.

Dual boots XP Pro - Win7 / 64

Intel Core2 Duo .. early so not a failed quad
Gigabyte mobo .. solid state caps
Truepower 750 watts
Nvidia gtx 275
4 gigs ram
2 hard drives 500 gig each .. hitachi
sata dvd
Antec 900 case
Asus lcd 24 inch wide .. nice

No problem in any games .. Crysis is fast.

Reason I'm starting a new box is ?? Damned if I know. I'm trying
to figure out what is new and what I would like to try to
optimize next. I don't really see anything in a new technology
at all. I'm playing with wireless, but my laptop does that
without a hitch. I can make free phone calls all over the world
( gmail ), but again the laptop is doing it. Any ideas ?


At the moment, I am experimenting with a mobile hotspot and 3
Mbps DSL. The wireless is actually faster, but they won't tolerate
as much usage. That is where I'm headed, if I can afford it,
wireless for speed plus low-end DSL for the heavy lifting.

If you have some spare time, you could learn how to backup your
Windows drive (assuming you don't already, but I guess you do).
It's a whole new world of personal computing.

By the way... Most systems use much less power than you might
think. The popular conception of needing a high wattage power
supply is probably mostly marketing hype. I don't understand why
so-called technically inclined users/reviewers don't understand
that, but oh well.

Good luck and have fun.