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I presently have two monitors, and am wondering if it's possible to
run three. My motherboard (Foxconn P45A-S) seems to support dual video
cards. I have a Gigabyte GV-NX96T512HP (GeForce 9600 GT 512 MB) card
now. Is it possible to just add another card to drive the 3rd monitor?
will Windows (I have Vista, but am thinking of going to 7 Pro)
recognize the 3rd monitor automatically?

Thanks for all the replies. Yesterday I picked up a cheap video card
from Fry's ($10 if I get the $25 rebate), popped it in and now have 3
monitors working! The second card is an EVGA branded GeForce 8400GS
that's working fine with my original GeForce 9600GT.

Quick question: Do all 3 monitors display the same screen contents?


Well no... what would be the purpose of that?

Ummm... board games with 3 players?

I typically am working on genealogy information, and have one 19" in
portrait mode (ie vertical) open in a word processor or my e-mail, one
23" open in a web browser and the other 23" open in my genealogy

OK - 3 monitors, each showing a unique screen. Now I'm impressed.
Do you use a KVM and a single keyboard to selectively control the
display of each monitor, or do you have 3 monitor/keyboard pairs,
or do you use some other layout?