Re: I need another network connection

On Wed, 09 Feb 2011 23:10:36 -0500, Metspitzer wrote:

I have ordered the cat 5 cable to install another jack, but what I
would like to do until then is to use a spare linksys router as a

I thought all I had to do was remove the working network connection
cable from the existing computer and plug it into port 1 of the
router. Then take another cable from port 2 and plug it into the
existing computer. This would give me ports 3 and 4 (from 4 total)
slots to use to plug another computer into.

Do I need to plug the existing feed into port 1 or plug it into the
LAN port?

Neither seem to work. I don't know how long to let it try to acquire
ip addresses.


You want to run it as a switch. do not connect your network cable to the
'internet port' of your linksys - connect it to 1 of the 4 lan ports. Dchp
on that router needs to be disabled (it will be handled by the
router/swictch/modem whatever is currenly on the other end of the cable) to
disable it you need to connect the linksys to a computer(and not to
anything else), manually set the computer ip address to the correct subnet
as the router (192.168.2.?? or 192.168.1.??) type 192.168.?.1 in the
address bar of your browser - this should get you into the web interface to
shut down dchp (usually enabled by default) - at the same time you can set
the lan ip address of the router. Now co9nnect the exsisting cable to your
linsys and your computer to one of the lan ports and your computer should
now get an ip address from te original source(at the other end of the
Clear the manually set ip address in the computer and then connect
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