Re: What is the latest free temp monitor

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On Sat, 29 Jan 2011 16:00:19 -0500, Metspitzer <kilow...@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I took my cover off my computer to record the alarm sound it makes
occasionally and the alarm quit. So I guess that means it is getting
too hot.

It was a faint alarm that made about 5 beeps in a row, pause and about
5 beeps in a row again.

I guess I need a temp monitor. What do you guys use?

I sprayed some compressed air into the CPU fan as the vents were very

It seems to have helped a lot.

Hitting it with a hammer or blowing on it is about the only thing I
knew to do. Glad one of those worked. :)

Thanks everyone

I've an old squirrel-cage fan setup (the fan is a 2" tall circular
spinning wall inside the heat wicking apparatus). Not so easy to
clean with air (have a 60gal. 220v air compressor). Tooth brush and
soft-bristle parts brush, and a bowl of alcohol, or was that
several . . . . Assuming the bearings are sealed, anyway, cleaned up
nicely and runs like a champ after well over 5 years usage on it. Not
that it's any better for the wear then or now, just an eyesore that
was turning into a rodent-sized fuzzball. My hands were stained
yellow for a day or two after the cleaning. And 52C is normal when not
"pushing" - encodes, usually, batching processing multiples of
soundtracks through normalization and whatnot. 80F ambient, which may
reach slightly over 100 during the hottest summer.