Re: !!!!!Computer won't boot up with SATA dvd burner connected update

On Jan 22, 2:41 pm, VanguardLH <V...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
MASTER wrote:
.. I was able to solve it with a good and
inexpensive new one for $19.95 ...

Inexpensive? Yes.
Good? No.

I buy them, or at least the best I can afford in a trade off over
rebates and reviews. Usually in whatever flavor is up for grabs on
Newegg. Possibly a "bronze" rated flavoring last time, (certified
MadMax, I guess), but not much more, tentatively a third over, on your
$20 outlay. I can get its specs if needed.

More a thought along what you originally said regarding optical
drives. And, yes, I've had those sorts of issues with running up to
four DVDs. Matter of fact, I still don't trust them, the DVDs, unless
doing a magic chant before cold boot and power-up. Has something of a
tendency, these days, to crash on me if attempting a burn on what
could be exacerbated by an exceedingly "cob-webbed in" XP OS (with
many, many program installs kludged together over the years).

Anyway...something else to watch for in that aspect is the problem is
only temporarily addressed and will return (and in various
incantations of insidious PS-related problems). As the PS ages (I run
mine 24-7). As I said, I'll buy the best I can swing among regarded
brandnames for the least dollar amount. Watching special sales and on
"the curve" -- who cares if its 1000 watts. 200- and 400-watt are now
exponentially your grandfather's PS of yesterday.

(Heh -- just got a PYLE 1000-watt "DJ" amp and tested it with a power
wattage meter against a 30-year-old Carver 100 watt -- begins clipping
just at 50 watts, whereas the Carver's clip circuitry won't shut down
until running slightly overspeced of 100 watts. Pyle's a return item
for another day and another sale on maybe a punchy 200-watt Crown
class-D amp).