Re: New PC worked initially, but now won't power up

That board has a POST code display!

Look for a two digit display in the upper right hand corner of
this photo. Two seven segment digits, to the left of the screw
hole in the corner.

POST codes are updated by the BIOS, as it is executed. If the processor
is executing no code at all (POST failure), the LEDS will read 0xFF or
0x00. (That's an initial hardware value - it's not loaded by the CPU.)
If the BIOS is running, the display gets updated when some
subroutine starts to run. The display can update faster than a human
can read it. It's only when the computer gets stuck, that you
see a final value. Then, you look up the two digit code in chapter five
of the user manual. The information you gather from there is mostly
useless (sorry). The main value of the POST code, is to see if
it's stuck at FF or 00. I can't remember the last time, a POST
code value, helped in an actual diagnosis.

This is what I referred to as the "led that indicates boot stages". It is
not displaying anything at all.

As for RAM tests, you can test the computer with zero sticks
installed if you want. The reason for that test case,
is the CPU will beep the computer case speaker (the beeper),
if no RAM is present. But that tells you the CPU is alive.
If you're getting absolutely no beeps at all, when the
RAM is removed, that means the CPU isn't executing BIOS
code. A loss of +12V from the power supply can do that.
(Make sure the ATX12V 2x2 or 2x4, as appropriate, is connected.
Those connectors have only yellow and black wires on them.
Yellow is +12V, black is ground.)

I tried removing the RAM. No change. No beeps.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry I have not yet had time to check out most of
your suggestions. Hopefully tomorrow...