Re: Thoughts on video, please

Loren Pechtel <lorenpechtel> wrote:

This box is getting troublesome and it's about time to replace

I do play RTS and MMORPG games but not FPS games.

I am currently running three monitors on two video cards.

I'm looking for something good but definitely not bleeding edge.

What should I be looking for?

As you know, Real-Time Strategy (RTS) is heavy on CPU. But it can
strain a video card too. I would consider a big monitor(s) instead
of multiple monitors. That is how I went last time, with a 26 inch
LCD. But you have not said whether you want to keep the
monitors... A huge monitor works wonders for full screen games.

Definitely quad core (or better) CPU. Good power supply and
cooling. If I were you, I would ask, and include more detail about
what you want, in the strategic gaming group.

They can use the activity.