Re: Rechargeable Battery Back-up

On Jul 12, 8:17 pm, Metspitzer <kilow...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
At least 90 percent of the power outages we experience at my house are
3 seconds long. After just a flash of power outage I have to
reprogram my time/date info in my answering machine, microwave and my
coffee pot.

I was wondering just what kind of rechargeable battery you would need
to just be able to keep the power up for 10 seconds?

I was also wondering what it would take to build that into computers.
You wouldn't need to supply the monitor or speakers or printer. All
that would be needed would to be keep the mobo and the hard drives
going for 10 seconds.

Cheaply at a computer level, a modest leadacid car or motorcycle
battery and means to top it off. Topping it off with what in
particular can be expensive -- I wouldn't trust just any trickle-
charger or pulsating "breakthrough" variants for preventing a buildup
of sulfur on the plates. Getting past just an inverter and power
supply, they're selling just that for $30US on EBAY, without much
logic on a PCB. One tiny little board without a USB interface. So,
back to square one and an A.P.C. for a few bucks more, about as close
as the nearest Office Depot (odd OD isn't jerking people off on those
prices when they'll try and squeeze $90 out of a simple PCI NIC).
Kicking myself in the ass for throwing out a APC unit whose leadacid
cells never recovered totally discharged from a 2-week hurricane
outage. These DSL units I've been running into don't handle power
issues well and tend crap all over themselves way too easily (thank
the market forces in Singapore selling wireless/routers/DSL combos of
EBAY for $19 shipped, that and crossed-fingers). May have to get a
UPS anyway -- losing the internet to crapout modems doesn't settle
well with me.