Re: Something quirky at startup video

Flasherly wrote:
On May 24, 6:20 pm, Metspitzer <kilow...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Sometimes I can boot my computer and it boots fine. Other times,
when I boot, the screen will show the Windows splash screen, and
then it gets a checker board pattern and reboots.

I can press the reset button and it reboots. I get the display that
Windows did not shutdown properly. I picked Safe mode and it booted
fine. I can then reboot and it also boots fine.

I can also just select "start normally" and it will boot fine.

Anyone know what this could be? I can run the computer for hours
with no problem. This only happens at startup. One side note is
that when I shut the computer down I also turn off a power strip
that powers the computer, speakers and monitor.

Something along Xteq Systems X-Setup if it will disable a boot prior
warning condition. Probably a software driver conflict. When it
crashed look in the startup log for the last thing being loaded.
Surest way is a clean install and no problems -- then you know
software got corrupted. If not, then there's potentially hardware
issues involved.

A clean install to fix what is almost certainly either a video driver issue
or a video card with problems - you having a laugh?