Re: WD hard drives

On Sat, 20 Mar 2010 19:27:39 -0400, Metspitzer <kilowatt@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I seem to be having a large amount of WD drives failing.

What is your drive brand name of choice?

I've had mostly WD and Seagate, probably about 8 of each over the past
decade. The only one I've had fail was a WD external SATA that ran
24/7 connected to a DVR. WD replaced it under warranty. I have two
Seagate Freeagent Pro 1 TB drives also running 24/7 with DVRs for 1
and 2 years respectively, and so far no problems. Internal 500 GB
Seagates have been problem-free, as have WD PATA drives of various

These days I would be confident buying any major brand drive. I
recently bought a 1 TB Hitachi and a bit later a 1 TB Seagate...
because each was on sale at the time I needed the drive. The Hitachi
is in my computer and the Seagate installed "inside" the DVR.
Charlie Hoffpauir

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