Re: BesTech 300W power supply

Man-wai Chang to The Door (+MS=32B) wrote:

Is it a good one? I removed one from an old (more than 4 years) HP
Pavilion PC (hp4088hk).

Should I just throw it out of the window? :)

You may want to search for "Bestec" for
discussions of problems with that brand of PSU, including this thread,
"The Bestec Mystery Solved", about their old 12E models, which include
250W and 300W units:

JonnyGuru did their autopsy of a 250W 12E series Bestec:

"Bestec does have other models out there that don't tend to fry
mainboards - it's this 12E model in particular that has single
handedly flushed their reputation down the commode."

They also did reviews of several cheap 300-650W PSUs below, and the
300W Delta could put out more power than some other brands rated for
much higher power: