Re: Motherboard doesn't work after BIOS update (MSI K8MM-V)

"moonie" <luna@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
i've read all of the posts/replies etc,,,, still got me buggered why
ppl would want to flash
their bios, never seems to do much.
also, why mess with an o/s that is full of bugs, ie, xp.
i have been running 98se for over 8yrs on same mobo, and i might also add
that the sides of my
computer have been off for all that time. i blow the dust out from time
to time, and sometimes
remove the vid and ram cards for a quick clean with a fine haired small
paint brush.. (u know what i
mean,, artists brush)

go over to the microsoft server and check out the amount of ppl posting
questions in the 'xp general
group'..... its like a flood over there, so many ppl with soooooo many
problems re: xp.

oh well,,,
happy puting.

ps,, my mobo is an epoch with amd 1.33 cpu.. ram is 512. purrrrrs
like a kitten.

A couple of potent reasons folks flash their bios are to:

1. fix errors that the mb manufacturer became aware of by themselves or
users' complaints and fixed with a newer bios version. This appears to
happen not just frequently but regularly with every manufacturer. It is
exceptionally rare that a manufacturer puts out a bios and never updates it
for this reason alone.
2. New processors are continually being released and if a user wants to take
advantage of cpu releases that fit his/her mb then a newer bios
needs to be flashed. The old bios will not automatically recognize it.
By doing this the user can keep using the current mb instead of having to
purchase a brand new one.
Like you and probably millions of other users years ago, I once
proclaimed to myself that Win 98SE was the ultimate achievement of M$ and
mentally thought I would never abandon the OS to move to XP for a number of
reasons. I think I might have even said that at one point with Win95. But
the reality is that for the most part (well it's still a bit hard to include
Vista) that continual improvements have been made to each OS that M$ has
churned out in both stability and versatility to the applications that can
be accomplished with them.
The fact that you are happy with 98 only attests to your own limited
needs and that you are complacent. That's fine, and good for you. That you
need to chastise anyone for wanting to expand their opportunities to get the
most out of computing and explore by using a newer OS simply says that you
need everyone else to think like you and be limited, at least in the
computing area of life.

Jan Alter


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