Re: Suggestions for Core 2 Duo systems that use PCI - not PCI express?

"JR Weiss" <jrw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Also, for an app with lots of HD Read/Writes, and SSD may not be
the best solution. While a VERY expensive single-layer SSD may be
faster than a fast HD, it is doubtful that a multilayer SSD will
be as fast where writes are predominant.

Are you reading the messages you are replying to?

Do you own or even use an SSD drive?

My OCZ Vertex MLC SSD drive appears to be faster in every way and
blazing faster in some ways, just like the hardware testing site
article (AnandTech I guess) shows. I am putting together a casual
list of real-world observations and maybe my impressions from a few

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