Re: CPU cooler retention clip for AMD AM+ socket

Dave wrote:
Thanks, Dave

You wouldn't happen to know if the Phenom 8750 comes with the monster
cooler that you describe for the 9850, do you?

I don't know, but I'd say there is a 99.9% or better possibility. Those
coolers are purchased or manufactured in bulk quantities, usually spec'd for
the cooling demands of the fastest processor in the series to be released in
a retail boxed version. The 8750 is a 3-core version of the 9750. As I'm
almost positive that the 9750 and 9850 use the exact same cooler, I can't
imagine why they would ship a different cooler with the 3-core version of
those chips.

My suggestion would be to go ahead and order the retail version of the 8750,
if that's the way you are leaning (good choice). Then you can see for
yourself what cooler it includes. I doubt if you'd want to change it. But
you could always swap out the cooler to something different, if you
ant. -Dave

Thanks. The retail version arrived last night and has a fan/cooler similar in size to that seen for the e8400 that I had. It is fairly hefty. I will try is as soon as I find a case that I think I would like...

Ken K