Re: Memory only 2G not 4G

and you have difficulty reading, the poster has already been informed.....we
are not all clever dickies like you.

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Des wrote:

Paul wrote:

Des wrote:
Have installed 2 * DDR2 800 in yellow slots of motherboard (M3N78 PRO)
it tells me I have only 2G
The memmory chips are Kingston KVR800D2N5K2/2G

Isn't it a 2x1GB kit ?
The total should be 2GB when both the 1GB modules are installed.

Have I been sold rubbish. The website where I bought these
( reported them as 2G. I bought 2 of them 4G

Not their fault. The fault was that you cannot read the product

It says right in the specs: "2 x 1GB". You said you installed "2 * ..."
which means you installed only 2 memory sticks, not 4 of them. You did
NOT buy 2 "of them". You bought ONE kit that had 2 memory sticks in it
that gave a TOTAL capacity of 2GB.

You did not buy rubbish. The product you bought probably works
perfectly as the 2GB kit that it is, and which you proved by noting that
your computer detected the 2GB that you installed. Problem wasn't on
their end. Instead it was PEBCAK.