Re: Help: Missing Hard Drive Space

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I'm still having problems. I can't open "My Computer", "Recycle Bin",
"Internet Explorer", or any folders on my desktop.

The only way to navigate into a folder or to one of my USB connected
micro drives is if I use the "attach a file" option in an e-mail so
the file upload window pops up. I can then click them open from there,
but can do little else.


Darren Harris
Staten Island, New York.


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In article <a5943ee0-a321-4180-b297-64f199138f65>,Searcher7says...> I have a Maxtorharddrive(6.4G, #90650U2) in my system, and I
continually get "Low Disk Space" pop-up.

I only have about 300mb of files on my desktop, but in "My Computer"
it shows that I haveunder 100mb. I can't figure out what is taking up
all the space on my hard drive.

I'm running WindowsME.

Any advice would be appreciated,

Was System Restore part of WinME? If so, it could be that.

Go, download that and run that first. I've cleaned
GBs of temp files from peoples computers on a first run.


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I tried CCleaner and it initially released about 3/4 of a gig of hard
drive space, but it has been slowly going back down toward zero again..

However, not I can't open the explorer browser or any folders on my
desktop.(I'm using Mozilla Firefox).

The pop-pop I get when I attempt to open a desktop folder says:
"Explorer has caused an arror in KERNEL32.DLL.
Explorer will not close."

Any ideas?



OK, if its that bad on a FAT32 WinDOS machine then its almost always a
waste of time fixing it. As long as you've got your winme cd and it
reads ok, or can backup the c/windows/options/cabs folder onto
external media, then just backup your data, format the drive, start
again. Trust me its a waste of time otherwise. Why? WinDOS crashes
regularly, and on a FAT32 drive each crash eats lumps out of the data,
leaving windows beyond repair after a while. There are also other
gradual failure modes that act on winDOS, and trying to fix them all
is somewhat futile.

If you're curious, Spacemonger should show you what's eating the
space, if anything is. I've seen MS security software do that before.

Meanwhile empty c/windows/temp, recycle bin, internet file cache. You
can do that from DOS, which you can access using any winDOS startup
disc other than winME (so 95 or 98).


Ok, I can no longer get the Maxtor drive to power up. (There is no
vibration consistent with a running drive when I press the PC's power

Does that mean it is dead and now garbage?


Darren Harris
Staten Island, New York.