Re: Baby fried my MB

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Depands on what the surge protector does... and what happens when its
turned off...

Does electricity still flow when it's off ?

Then if yes... the surge protector would function as a water-dam holding
the water in the river and only letting a little bit through...

Then when it's turned off it is like a dam-break... all the water comes
rushing down and kills anything in it's path ;)

At least that's my theory ! :)

Love your baby ! =D

Lessons learned for you and me and all of us: Never let babies play near
buttons or electrical devices ! ;) :)


Skybuck is damn right!!!

No he's not.

Yes, he is on this.

What part about "never letting a small child pull on or get near
cords" don't YOU get?

Flame war. Steer clear my friend.