Re: p5e3 deluxe, cpuz reports link width of x16, ram 1.5v, despite manual settings..

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Changing the value to 105, didnt change thecpuzreading of x4..
Try GPUZ. See what it says.
What value should i be looking for in GPUz.. per say... (btw.. i put
the wrong title on this thread :(  should say reports x4 instead of
In GPUz.. for bus interface i see.. "PCI-E 2.0 x16@ x4 2.0"

I should add, if i change the card selection at the bottom, it changes
to PCI-E 2.0 x 16@ x16 2.0

Both blue slots should be x16, i dont understand this..

So one slot is operating at x16 and the other at x4, would be
my guess. Now you've confirmed it with a second utility.

When a motherboard is manufactured, the motherboard may be washed
to remove soldering residues. Sometimes the excess paste has to
be removed, and in the past, dry cleaning type solvents would have
been used. Modern solder systems use aqueous wash, and the paste is water
soluble. If not enough washing is done, residue dries on connectors.
I've had an Ethernet connector that was dirty from the factory, and
required plugging and unplugging the cable a number of times, before
it made contact.

PCI Express detects as many contiguous lanes as possible, before
declaring the width. For example, you are allowed to plug a
x16 card into a socket which only has x4 lane wiring (such as
your black slot). The PCI Express negotiates, and in that case,
only the bottom four lanes are present, so that is what they
decide to use.

Say I have 16 lanes, and I bust lane 9. The bottom eight (leftmost)
are available, and so that is what gets used. The seven on the
right are "above" the missing lane, and are not used. In this
case, GPUZ would report "x16, at x8".

X X X X X X X X _ X X X X X X X

If I bust a lane further down, such as the second lane, the slot
gets reduced to running in x1 mode. The other fourteen perfectly
good lanes, are ignored. GPUZ would report "x16, at x1".

X _ X X X X X X X X X X X X X X

I cannot say I place much trust in the "dirt" theory in this
case, but figured I'd pass that on. It is also possible for
a driver I/O on the Northbridge to be damaged, a coupling
capacitor (see next to the PCI Express slot) to be missing,
or for a driver I/O on the video card GPU to be bad. But the
same principle applies, of the "lowest contiguous power_of_two
number of lanes" to be used at any one time.


This makes sense as well, ill take a look at that later.. ill also try
each card in each slot by itself to narrow things down..

I'm assuming my 850watt psu has enough power:

In fact, one reviewer says he is using 2 ati's, but maybe he isnt
aware of the issue.