On Mon, 01 Sep 2008 13:23:32 GMT, Syfo-Dyas <Syfo-Dyas@xxxxxxxxxx>

This is what happened ....
First this is an external usb hard drive. This drive had many pictures
and videos almost 120 GB worth of files. Do I want them yes badly real
badly. Now all I can say is this... I really dont know what
happened.... As I said this is an external usb drive. I was
reinstalling XP on my pc from scratch and I of course did not mind
formatting the C drive as that was my intention anyway but NOT the
data external drive. So I tried to install windows and it looked like
things were going ok but I must have made a mistake or something
because during the install I got a blue screen and had to start over
well anyway after getting it working and installed I noticed that my
external data drive (I have 2 of them) was almost completely empty.
The other external drive had disapeared from the system. So one was
missing and the other one well was basically empty and what it did
have on it was just a windows directory. So this is where I am now. I
was able to turn the other external drive off and on and then
everything is OK with that one. I can see all my files perfectly.
However the drive that I am really looking for simply has a windows
directory in it and approx 114 GB of free space on it. I am terrified.
I think I lost all that precious data. I dont know exactly how it
happened but is there anything that can resolve this dilemma?

Recover my files or similar program. Free to try, pay if it looks
like it found your stuff. It won't all come back in a neat order, but
if it wasn't over-written, it is all still there.