Re: OK to mix BRANDS of memory on a laptop? Have R61i

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In regards to memory modules, it is more desirable to mount RAM of
the same manufacturer and specs. Best to read the manuals for the
computer maker's recommendations.

Well I've looked in the manual and also Lenovo web site
and it gives the specs of the RAM but NOT the brand

I will give Belarc a go and see what it says....
forgot abt that

Ok I just got done taking the laptop apart.

Man those things are delicate inside!!

Anyway.. it is Samsung memory. I wrote down all the
numbers on the SODIMM

There are two slots and only one slot has 1 gig in it
so the other slot is open

Should I go ahead and put a 2 gig sodimm in the open

Or will having 1 gig in one slot and 2 gigs in another
slot cause some sort of "unbalance" issue?

Thanks for any help!

Whatever the laptop manual or the Lenovo website says about how
to configure the RAM.