Re: New PC doesn't like Win98

John B Smith wrote:
When I graduated to XPpro, circa 2002?, I found that my flatbed
scanner wouldn't work. My solution was to make a small Win98 partition
on my 2nd hard drive and select to boot from that one when I wanted to
use my scanner. Sometimes if got cranky and some guru advised me to
changed the <vcache> section of system.ini to
MaxFile Cache = 512000
I forget what the value originally was. The fix worked like a charm on
my MSI mb with a P4 cpu.
New machine is an Abit IP35 Pro XE with an E8400 cpu. I hoped to do
the same Win98 deal. I imaged the Win98 partition onto the boot
partion of the 2nd hard drive. When booted it stopped, complained
about "insufficient memory to initialize Windows" (machine has 4gig
RAM) While I was copying down the verbage of the message the pc
shutdown. I guess memory or cpu was hanging in a loop and getting too
hot? I tried increasing that MaxFile Cache value again, but no help. I
think DOS may only be able to handle 512000 anyway, and DOS is still
in control of boot at that point (maybe). Anyway... anyone have any
experience with trying to use Win98 on a hot new pc? I'm also a little
suspicious of my use of a disk image, rather than trying to install
Win98 all over again on the new partition, which is kind of a pain.

You should be suspicious: it's trying to boot with the drivers for the previous motherboard's chipset. You can try doing a reinstall over the image to retain your data, but you'll still have to reinstall some software.

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