Re: Do ASSUS boards POST without any components?

You MUST have a CPU and RAM installed for an ASUS board to POST.

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I continue to struggle with getting the latest technology up and
running. I gave up on a Foxconn and bought an ASUS and a new power
supply and still have issues.

So I want to know if I have zero components (no cpu, no memory, all
slots open), should the board POST or does the CPU read the BIOS chip
to POST?

I have a new CPU on the way and also bought a cheap PCI Video card to
see if it's the PCI-Express card that has a problem/ incompatibility.

I have the following and can't get either mobo to POST at all (no
beeps, I even plugged in a speaker from an old case on to the speaker
prongs on the mother boards):

Radeo HD 2600 Pro PCI Express
4 x 80GB SATA2 Drives (new) ,
4 x 1GB Cosair 1066 DDR2
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.40GHZ 1066 FSB
SeaSonic 550V SS-HH550 Power Supply