Re: Budget performance office system: $600, e7200 + eVGA 112-CK-NF75-K1 ?

"DanKegel" <daniel.r.kegel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I'm doing my once-every-couple-of-years build-new-system-for-wife
Looks like I'm going for:
* Intel Core 2 Duo e7200: $132
* evga 112-CK-NF75-K1 motherboard: $75 (- optional $20 rebate)
* Western Digital 750GB green drive: $120
* Mushkin's 5-4-4-12 2GB PC6400 DDR2 RAM: $45 (- $10 rebate
* Acer AL2216Wbd Black 22": $230
Total: $601 + $50 tax + $26 3 day shipping = $677,
comfortably between the min and rank 10 prices from pricewatch

I've written up the selection and pricing process I went
through, complete with handy links, at

Two questions:
1) am I insane to propose using that motherboard?

Not at all. EVGA is an excellent brand, one of the best. Don't know about
their mainboards, but if the quality is the same as EVGA video cards, you
have made a very wise choice! I wouldn't hesitate to build with an evga

2) can someone recommend a good, quiet case
that can handle all that plus DVD and floppy drives?

Cases are generally pretty quiet. It's the power supply and cooling fans
(that you add to the case, or REPLACE on the case) that can cause noise
issues. I'd recommend just about any mid-tower case with 120mm fan mounts
(for quieter cooling fans) and the following to add to it:
(if you confirm that your mainboard needs a 4-pin cpu power connector, and
not an 8-pin)
Now watch someone post that the power supply I recommended is "puny". I
know it's not fashionable to use anything less than a 1000 watt power supply
these days. But a good name brand 80% efficiency rated power supply of 430W
is actually a bit oversized for the system you spec'd. I'm running more
powerful systems off of 350-380W power supplies with no problems at all.
It's a good match. -Dave

Oh, I think you mentioned you want to upgrade your monitor. Be aware that
going from a 19" 4:3 aspect ratio to a 22" widescreen LCD is NOT an upgrade
in size. If anything your "old" monitor might be just a tad larger. The
viewing area is still measured the same. Problem is the rectangular shape.
Wider but SHORT. If you're going widescreen, you should look at 24" or
larger, if you want to upgrade in size at the same time. I'm serious when I
say your wife will probably think that a 22" widescreen is "small" compared
to a 19" 4:3 aspect monitor.


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