Re: Newegg Open Box items?

VanguardLH <V nguard.LH> wrote:

John Doe wrote:

What's your luck with Newegg Open Box items? In your experience,
what percentage are defective beyond expected usability?

So when might you visit Newegg's page on their open box warranty?

I had already read their open box warranty and their open box

You should drop your more abrupt (24hoursupport.helpdesk)
mannerisms, IMO.

They say the percentage of Open Box Item returns is significantly

Higher than WHAT?

Lighten up dude.

Of course I can't argue that with you because it's not my writing.
The text is in their Open Box disclaimer during checkout.

"Open Box products do have a considerably higher return rate than
brand new items. If you are just looking to get a good deal, please
only buy new products."

They say only the manufacturer tests the items. And they say
don't buy one if all you're doing is looking for a good deal.
That last stipulation is the most interesting IMO. Of course I'm
looking for a good deal or I wouldn't buy an open box item. So
what is the other thing(s) you might be looking for?

Newegg says you get the same as an OEM purchase for an open-box
item, but many users are too lazy to read the product description,
don't observe the details, and don't check the policies.

That would be my guess (they're just trying to get the buyer's
attention). My experience selling a few things on eBay suggests that
some buyers do have a tendency to avoid reading stuff even when
it's right in front of their eyes.

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