Re: p53g freezes when installing any pci card

puddking wrote:
Using a p53g motherboard by PC Chips.: I've tried a sound card and
a wireless network adapter pci card and when i get into windows xp
sp2 it will freeze w/in a couple minutes, when i disable the device
using safe mode it works fine, but it won't allow me to use it. I've
tried a soundblaster card and a netgear pci wireless network card. I'm
using a geforce pci express x16 and it works fine, won't allow me to
enable anything else. any ideas?

funnily enough the card that
brought this problem to light was a soundblaster audigy. But I
corrected that problem by uninstalling/reinstalling the onboard sound
card drivers. I'm not sure that it would be a totally malfunctioning
card controller, because I have used the card, It has connected with
my wireless network but within 1 minute or so of enabling it. The
system just freezes... no error message or anything. I've contacted
the retailer now and am waiting on a response. As far as the diagram
you provided. Everything else going through that chip is fully
functional... Hopefully I won't have to get to the level of
troubleshooting that would involve removing and reattaching the


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