Re: Multiple UPS Batteries

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On my job I sometimes get access to de-commissioned professional quality
and their batteries. I think if the power went out here for 24 hours, my
computers would stay running!

Sweet. I picked up four APC 1250VA units for ~$50 a pop several years
ago from a office liquidation, one set of batteries failed, but
otherwise they're in working order, although with shorter battery life
then when I first got 'em.

I'm just waiting for a second unit's batteries to get bad enough to
justify purchasing more, then I'll go grab a bulk discount and replace
the whole set.

Right now, my biggest concern is getting through shorter outages as when
the kids plug in the vacuum, or when my heater, water cooler,
humidifier and laser printer all fire up at once, the breaker does it's

I currently get about 35 minutes for my two file+VMWare servers, over an
hour for the cable modem, BSD based firewall, active directory server
and VoIP box, and about 25 minutes for my desktop with two 24" LCDs.

Not bad for $200 four or five years ago.

You got a good deal for sure.

I have so many batteries here and UPS's that when my GF and I are each
sitting at our own machines
and there's a power failure...we sometimes don't even know about it until we
go into another room and try to turn on a light.
usually, the failures are pretty brief though