Re: Is my SATA HD dead?

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Linux doesn't depend on the BIOS in boot up, so if the SATA hard drive
is okay, Linux should be able to detect it. If the drive is formatted,
then Linux should be able to read and write on it.

Theoretically speaking !

As a secondary drive, yes. However, if a BIOS (or alternate BOOTROM)
can't recognize it, you can't boot from it.

Yes you can. When you first boot - of course the computer relies on
the BIOS to boot from the CD. But when the CD starts booting, Linux
takes over, and use its own routine to re-scan the system and all the
peripherals. That's what the liveCD is all about.

Sure -- Which means you're not booting from the harddrive, you're
booting from CD, and bootstrapping over to an OS on the harddrive.

You still can't boot from a device your BIOS can't recognize.