Re: external drive, partition not visible

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With the enclosure attached, if you go to Computer Management->Disk
Management, can you see the drive? That should show you what areas are
allocated/partitioned. If there's a partition on there (which hopefully
you didn't wipe out when you formatted :(), assign a drive letter to the
partition, and then you should see it in My Computer.

Are you SURE that it told you had to FORMAT the drive?


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I had a PC which had music on it and the mother board went out on it.
So I decided instead of fixing it I would take the 120gb hard drive
that wasn't the master hard drive out of it and use it as an external
hard drive connected to my laptop. My thought was I would be able to
gain access to all the music I had on this hard drive. when I
connected it to my laptop ( I bought a har drive enclosure ) it would
only let me progress with it if I formatted the drive, which I did.
Now here's the strange part, I know when formatting you lose whatever
is on the part which is formatted. There's a partition of this drive
showing 65gb of used space but I can't access it. How would I be able
to access this portion of this drive and hopefully get my music back.

Yes it asked me to format the drive and said you would lose what's on
the drive. I can see the same drive through disk management in
administrative tools.

hello brownjams:
I had a similar problem with a drive containing recorded tv that
was disconnected when I installed the operating system on a new
drive. If your operating system is XP Media Center 2005 or Vista Home
Premium or Ultimate, you could try opening the Media Center program
with your problem drive connected and go to Music and see if Media
Center will see the drive with your music files and if so select Add
files. I got Vista to see the new drive by selecting my problem drive
as the drive to use for recorded tv. Media center saw the drive even
when it wasn't shown in disk management or computer. This probably
isn't the correct way but it worked for me.