Re: Video Card Power Connection

<Board_or_Burn@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I recently purchased a ATI X1650 Pro (AGP) and went to install it.
The only problem is theat it requires a power cable to be directly
connected to it. I know I need to connect it to the Molex Connectors,
but the connection point on the Video Card is samller than the molex,
I'm guessing I need an adaptor of some sort but I do not know where to
order it from. The connection has four long pins and is only about a
half an inch wide. Any help would be greatlyt appreciated, I hope I
described it well enough it is kinda hard to describe.


Sounds like you need a Floppy Berg Connector. Buy a Male Molex to Female
Berg Adapter from your local computer store.Costs a couple bucks.