Re: Defending against excessive radiation

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What's the cheapest way to isolate my own apartment from the wireless
LAN radiation of my neighborhood?

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You could create a Faraday cage using the metal wire mesh material commonly
used for screen doors. A fine mesh of a size suitable for keeping out bugs
will work. This cage would need to completely enclose you in order to block
out all electromagnet radiation. If there are gaps then some lesser amounts
of EM will get through. If you do have gaps then run a conductor so that you
will have electrical continuity throughout all parts of the cage. This
conductor can be light gauge as the current involved is minute. Note that
you will not be able to receive or send any signals from inside this cage.
As an example of this your cell phone would not work. Computers are also
sensitive to EM. Some manufactures of PC cases list EM protection values in
their specs. Non metalic cases are unable to keep out EM.

I share your concerns but to a lesser degree. I too have wondered about the
effects of EM, not from local sources but from satellites. If anyone on
earth can receive signals then what am I being exposed too? Possibly the
worst place to live is under a power line tower. People have suffered tumors
and mental disorders that were proven to be caused by close proximity to
such powerful sources of EM. Imagine putting your head in a microwave oven
at low power for 24 hours a day. Not a happy thought.