Re: can't get laptop to boot from cd

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5. Get a replacement CD drive.
Often CD drives deteriorate in their ability to read over time.

Did I mention that I am not rich? :-) Yes, it acts like the reader. These
cd readers for Sony VAIO are not cheap. The cd is good. I need a work
for booting.

My guess is *still* the CD, not the drive.
Often defects that will keep a drive from booting aren't all that
visible; nor do they show up when reading the CD normally.
However, if you don't want to even *try* my suggestions ....
They're about as cheap as you can go.

Your complaint about my answer seems to be that you don't WANT to find a
solution; just to complain.
"A. I don't think it's what you suggest so I won't try that."
"B. I don't like any alternative because it's too expensive."

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