Connecting front mic to sound blaster audigy 2 ZS

Just got a new case with front headphone and mic jacks, was hopping to
connect it to my sound blaster audigy 2 ZS
but it has a 1x10 pin layout where the case has a 2x5. The case one
uses 7 of the 10 and has them in seprate leads but i was looking for
the pinlayout of the sound blaster J1 conector as far as i can tell
this is where they should conect. I have been able to get the
headphones working buy connecting ground to pin 1 right to pin 2 and
left to pin 4, in this setup the speakers dont turn off when
headphones are pluged in. But the mic does not work i tryed somthing
that was suggested on another web site but it did not work. mic_bais
to pin 6 and mic to pin 8. The conectors from the case are to large
to fit more then two next to each other in the J1 connector. Has
anyone seen a converter for sound blaster cards? As i understand most
sound blaster cards use this J1 connector.