Re: Hard drive circuit board - Sata II

In alt.comp.hardware.pc-homebuilt David D <netrate@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I just need to find the same firmware right? I am going to the exact
same place to where I bought it originally - hopefully, they will have
some left over - if not, I saw some on ebay, but the firmware from
Ebay was 3.AAk (mine is 3.AAC).
I guess I am out nothing if it doesn;t work. I have read some people
had great results and others tried it and it didn't work.
Pecos, did you buy the new drive at the same time? Was all the
information on the drive sleeve the same from one drive to another?

Actually not necessarily the same firmware.
What's important is that it's the same *drive*.
The firmware could be older or newer for the same drive, and still work.
Newer firmware would probably be better.

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