Re: K7S5A MoBo & Floppy drive

I've used that board for 4-5 years with zero problems.

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I have a K7S5A mother board which seems to have a "dead" floppy drive
controller. The drive works in another computer(using the same cable).If
reverse the cable, the floppy drive light comes on & stays on.

However if the cable were installed properly, there is no response from
drive. Even though "floppy seek" at boot is enabled, drive light does
not come
on.If I try to access the drive, the response is "drive not accassible.
device is not ready".

I believe the onboard controller is not working. Is this repairable or
should I
be looking for some sort of a floppy controller from a 3rd party? Is
such a
thing available?

Thanks for your help

Have you tried accessing the drive from startup?

Also, I take it this is in a machine you're just putting together and
that it hasn't just started to happen. Either way, have you tried
unplugging all other devices that aren't essential (eg cd drives, other
non O/S HDs etc) just to see if enough power is getting to the floppy.

I picked up a k7s5a a couple of years ago. It worked fine the first year.
Then suddenly the hard drive was inaccesible. Repartitioning and
formatting the drive got it back running, although I ran the disk utility
diagnostics from the manufacturer and it checked out OK. Still I put
another drive into the ecs k7s5a. That lasted one month and I was back
with an incaccesible drive. I dumped the board and replaced it with a msi
that has given no trouble for the past two years. Since then I've read of
other folks who don't hold that particular board in very high esteem

Jan Alter